A Kinetic Sculpture That Detonates Landmines

A Kinetic Sculpture That Detonates Landmines

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A kinetic sculpture called Mine Kafoon was designed to help in detonating active mines in war zones by Massoud Hassani.

The world is plagued by mines that continue to wreak havoc and annihilate the lives of millions of innocents. Reports claim that active mines in the war stuck areas lead to many unnerving incidents that have claimed the well-being of innocents. Massoud Hassani has invented a very simple device, Mine Kafoon, which may solve this pressing issue.

As a child, Massoud Hassani created toys that incorporated circular designs that rolled downhill on the sandy dunes of Afghanistan. As an adult, Massoud Hassani has created a device, much like the ones he created as a child, which are circular in structure. The speciality of the device Mine Kafoon is that it rolls on the surface of suspected areas with landmines planted in them and obliterates these weapons of destructions by passing over them. Not a very ingenious device but it gets the job done.

The device was born out of the need to help the people of Massoud Hassani’s neighbourhood, the designer fiddled with a variety of concepts before fixing on the one that he was familiar with. Armed with a degree from the Design Academy Eindhoven, Hassani created a kinetic sculpture that resembles a zorb that is round in shape and contains 70 circular disks on its periphery. These disks stamp the surface of the ground to blast the landmines that are located underneath.

The device needs an initial push, much like a kinetic sculpture, to set the ball rolling. After the initial momentum is gained, the kinetic sculpture edges forward on its own accord because of kinetic energy. You’d argue that Massoud Hassani’s Mine Kafoon isn’t much of a sculpture in an artistic sense but I feel it falls into the category of functional art and not the aesthetic type.

Mine Kafoon aims at making life for mine torn areas easier. It also seems a hell lot of fun to roll it down the hill to destroy landmines (that could just be an amazing adventure sport!). This isn’t as cool as John Rambo’s method of taking care of mines though.


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