The xx Promotes Their New Album Coexist with Interactive Data Visualization

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The xx’, an English indie band, launched their new album ‘Coexist’ recently. To spread the word about ‘Coexist’, ‘The xx’ used interactive data visualization.

Many bands are using the full power of the web to either launch themselves in the music scene or push their new albums/ singles online. They use HTML5 websites, multimedia video, social media and interactive visualizations for the job. Be it OK Go and their set of crazy videos that became YouTube sensations or Arcade Fire’s ‘We Used to Wait’ being released with Google’s interactive HTML5 web project ‘Wilderness Downtown’, the web is being used in an innovative manner to attract the attention of the millions of people . This thrust can be pivotal in making or breaking a band as the online audience can be the judge, jury and executioner on new releases in cinema, music and fashion.

The new album of ‘The xx’ uses interactive data visualization to spread online. The map of the world is seen on the website in black and white; you appear on this map marked with an ‘X’. Streams of magnificent golden light emerge from one location on the map and culminate at another. Each of these rays is supposed to represent the sharing of the audio stream from one person to another on a particular date. The sharing is done through tweets, emails and Facebook shares.

When the very first burst of the golden light erupts from a particular location, it is synchronized to the music; this is a spectacular sight. It seems that the rays are choreographed to the slow, soulful music of ‘The xx’. The music continues to play and a fresh track is played from the album ‘Coexist’. You can change the tracks using the console that is to the left hand side. A slider on the top right can be moved to a particular time period to view the pattern in which the stream of music was shared then.

The interactive data visualization for ‘The xx’ is a great way to fuse visuals and melody together in order to promote the new album ‘Coexist’. I had heard of the band but never gave any of their songs a listen. I have already started liking the track ‘Angels’ and I am definitely going to listen to more stuff by these guys. The website did the job!

Here’s the website link: Interactive Data Visualization for ‘The xx’


The Track Is Seen on the Left Side


The Bar on the Top Right Controls the Time

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