5 Awesome Podcasts to Follow

5 Awesome Podcasts to Follow!

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Thought about subscribing to a podcast but didn’t know where to begin with? I am suggesting 5 awesome podcasts for you to follow across different genres that are interesting, entertaining and informative.

The word podcast originates from the merger of the words ‘pod’ (taken from iPod as podcasts are listened to on portable music players) and ‘broadcasting’. Podcasts are an episodic form of digital multimedia which are either an audio or video file. You can either download a whole set or listen to it directly online. Podcasts are mostly created by people who are genuinely interested in a particular topic or subject; the subject matter is very close to their heart or they’re qualified enough to critique it. This level of passion subsequently creeps into their podcasts, making the recordings very educative and engrossing.

Podcasts can be found on many popular topics like music, films, advertising, comic books, etc. Even within these genres, podcasts are present on sub-genres. The great thing about podcasts is that they’re free; anyone can create a podcast on their favourite topic and broadcast it on the web unlike other mediums where one needs permissions.

So, here are my picks for ‘5 Awesome Podcasts to Follow’:

99% Invisible

Genre: Design and Architecture

Podcasters: Roman Mars and co.

Website: 99% Invisible

iTunes: 99% Invisible

This is my first pick for my ‘5 Awesome Podcasts to Follow’ list. 99% Invisible is a podcast on design and architecture by Roman Mars. Roman Mars appreciates the beauty in the ugliest of architecture and sees the creativity in the most mundane designs. Roman Mars himself isn’t an architect, he holds a degree in plant population genetics, but is capable enough to produce hour long meaningful pieces on interesting architecture and design. 99% Invisible recently became the ‘highest funded journalism project’ on Kickstarter, a mean feat as it’s tough to secure a standing in the internet Colosseum that is Kickstarter.

Sound Opinions

Genre: Music

Podcasters: Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot.

Website: Sound Opinions

It pays when your broadcasters are music writers and renowned critics Jim and Greg; the sheer wealth of information that they get on the table is overwhelming. The two bring in a perspective to music that is based on facts and knowledge of music so the talk doesn’t come across as frivolous and meretricious. They cover a range of music including indie rock, classic rock, hip hop, etc. It’s well worth the listen hence it’s on ‘5 Awesome Podcasts to Follow’!


Genre: Everything (but I like their podcasts on Technology)

Podcasters: Ensemble

Website: Lifehacker

iTunes: Lifehacker

Lifehacker is an interesting podcast that’ll give you information on a variety of topics. Be it cracking the latest software or making the perfect cup of Joe, Lifehacker has tips for all these tasks. Its podcasts on technology are extremely popular and referred to by many. Lifehacker makes my list of ‘5 Awesome Podcasts to follow’ because of the sheer range of topics it presents to the listener.


Genre: Films

Podcasters: Ensemble

Website: Filmspotting

Filmspotting gives its listeners reviews, ratings and latest news on upcoming movies and currently running ones. It is not very niche in its content and covers mostly blockbuster movies. The presence of the ‘Top lists’ makes the information more accessible. I’ve included it on my list of ‘5 Awesome Podcasts to Follow’ based on its capacity to give information on new movie projects.

Word Balloon

Genre: Comic Books

Podcaster: John Suintres

Website: Word Balloon

Word Balloon is an independently produced podcast by John Suintres that deals with, well, comic books. It’s my source of stirring interviews with comic book creators and other people affiliated to the industry. There is a whole section on interviews with Brain Micheal Bendis, the man behind Ultimate Spiderman and other comics. It’s not my only source for comic book related news, but it’s a great podcast to listen to, hence I’ve added it to my list of ‘5 Awesome Podcasts to Follow’.

Now you know my favourite podcasts; if you have other ones that you refer to and follow religiously then I’d like to hear from you. Do reply by commenting. Till then, happy listening.

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