Augmented Reality Interior Designer Kinect

Augmented Reality Interior Designer Kinect Hack

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Have you ever wanted to see how the furniture that you are buying will actually look in your house? Well this is now possible thanks to four students at the University of Queensland.

The students have developed an interactive augmented reality ‘interior designer’ technology that allows users to project life-size, 2D furniture on to your living room floor plan. After the projection is complete, the furniture can be viewed in 3D using an iPad application. The furniture can be moved around by simply waving your hand. The hand gestures are tracked using a Kinect.

The technology has been brought to life by using an infrared glove, and iPod touch, an iPad and a Kinect that allows users to visualize the room.

With the application of augmented reality, users could take an image of their living room they are shopping for and upload it to the system to get a better idea of the color scheme and aesthetics.

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