Blink Solution brings Vodafone 3G's Super Zoozoo to life

Blink Solution brings Vodafone 3G’s Super Zoozoo to life

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What do you get when you combine Vodafone 3G Super Zoozoo with a Microsoft Kinect, an awesome programmer, a digital artist, a creative genius and some kick ass visuals?

Thanks to Blink Solution’s hunger for experimentation and a desire to stretch the boundaries of  technology and art, we bring you this video.

YouTube Preview Image

This video has been captured real-time using Vodafone 3G Super Zoozoo 3D-artwork and real life body movements. The video has been made using Microsoft Kinect capturing real movements of a Human body and appyling those movements to Vodafone 3G Super Zoozoo. The interactive layer was mixed with visuals in the background to portray Super Zoozoo coming to our world.

The concept of this was to make movements of Vodafone 3G Super Zoozoo real by capturing  movements of Human body using Microsoft Kinect.

“The Super Zoozoo has come to life”


Technology: Blink Solution

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  • Ganesh Sabbani

    gr88 goin guyzz..keep it up 😀

  • ram

    Is this the genius of FCP or is it using some other technology. How can super ZooZoo copy the same thing that a normal person is doing. It baffles me.

    • Rikki

      Super ZooZoo is dancing using Microsoft Kinect which captures your real movements and maps it to the virtual world.

      • ram

        That is great. Then i guess no need to Super ZooZoo to South Africa for their ads

        • Rikki

          Thanks ram. Lets hope that everybody dances to super ZooZoo

          • arnab

            I saw the super ZooZoo installation in the inorbit mall. It is not as smooth as it is shown in the video. ZooZoo was flickering a lot . Super ZooZoo app was also crashing. In the video Super ZooZoo is also shown moving but in the installation it remains in a particular position. Also the arm rotation is not proper. I think the idea just got killed!!

          • Rikki

            People in India believe in quantity rather than quality. Super ZooZoo suffered from that.

  • Hosting

    I like this real time concept.. Innovative thinking combined super zoozoo and Microsoft kinet.. This video is really impressed me ..
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  • vijay

    It is quite a nice video. Vodafone 3g ZooZoo dancing to the tunes of Reggae. But what is the technology involved in this?

    • Rikki

      Vodafone 3g ZooZoo was made to dance using a hardware device named Kinect which was hacked using openni drivers. The Openni drivers allow you to track the bone structure of a human being. The bone structure of any human being is mapped into Vodafone 3g ZooZoo bone structure. Whenever your bones move, vodafone 3g zoozoo bones also move in a similiar wave.

  • Diabl020

    Given Kinect’s legal restrictions, I’m fairly sure this is illegal. Nice idea, but rebranding another companies product will get you in trouble

  • Martin Thoburn

    what software is controlling the 3D model ZooZoo?   I understand OpenNI is controlling the rig, what software is controlling the model?  and how is that render being connected to Resolume?  I think I read in the page that linked me here that resolume vj software was involved. Is that correct?  Are you using the FreeFrame DepthCam Plugins?

    • Rikki Agarwal

      we are using resolume to capture the frame and unity3d for the movement. It is being connected through a hardware capture card.

  • Jamescarigmtts

     I think I read in the page that linked me here that resolume vj software was involved. The interactive layer was mixed with visuals in the background to portray coming to our world.

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