5 Coolest Digital Campaigns

Innovative Digital Campaigns That You May Have Missed

Rejoice all ye folks! For Digital Analog is back! And how! After a seemingly long hiatus we bring to you fresher and newer stories right off the hook that will get your brain muscles all pumped up and creative juices flowing! Read more…


KFC WOW@25: An Awesome Augmented Reality App from KFC India

KFC WOW@25 is an Augmented Reality app that’ll make you go WOW! The app was created for KFC India to promote its new offering, the WOW Menu. The WOW Menu brings the yummiest of KFC delights at affordable prices. Read more…

Blind Maps Interactive Braille Interface for the Blind

Blind Maps: Interactive Braille Interface for the Blind

Blind Maps is an interactive smartphone addition that uses a Braille interface to help the visually impaired navigate freely on streets.

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Google Hangouts on Gmail

I was surprised to see Google Hangouts on Gmail today. This means that we can have video chat sessions and virtual meetings with multiple friends from the convenience of our Gmail account.

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Viral Video Predicting Tool Unruly Share Rank

Viral Video Predicting Tool: Unruly Share Rank

Unruly Share Rank is a new viral video predicting tool. It can decipher whether a web video will get insane amount of clicks online or just turn out to be a damp squib.

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Internet Explorer’s New Commercial Child of the ‘90s

Internet Explorer’s New Commercial Child of the ‘90s

Internet Explorer’s new commercial Child of the ‘90s instantly clicks with anyone who was born in that age. It tells us that the web browser is a ‘90s kid, too, and subtly depicts how it has now mended its ways.

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Infra: An Installation Made of 625 TV Remotes

Infra, an installation by Chris Shen, combines the power of 625 TV remote controls to create an infrared LED display screen.

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Cool Stop Motion Video: Season’s Greetings from Twixl media

Soon’s cool stop motion video for Twixl media shows us a thing or two about being creative and following our passions bravely. It’s a great watch for everyone and didn’t I mention it was a cool stop motion video?

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Bombay Duck Designs Creates Flip Books for Project Crayons

Bombay Duck Designs by Sameer Kulavoor used simple flip books to convey the powerful message of Project Crayons, an NGO in Mumbai. The flip books depicted the rehabilitation process that people go through with the positive support of Project Crayons.

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8-bit Lane: 8-bit Art Promotes Wreck-It Ralph Blu-ray Launch

8-bit Lane is a whole street in U.K. filled with pixel art structures, creatures and figurines. The installation was created by Disney to promote the blu-ray launch of the film Wreck-It Ralph. It pays homage to video games of the past and the emerging trend of 8-bit artwork.

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